I Love You

Most often is a lie
Used to get your way
Sometimes is thought as truth
But then it fades away
Most rare is when these words
Are meant with all your heart
No matter what goes on
From them you’ll never part
These words mean sacrifice
That is, if they are true
Three tiny little things
Are the words “I Love You”

Oh Be Careful What You Wish

On to work and home again
Through traffic, trucks and horns
Music blaring, children screaming
Neighbors in the morn

The phone is ringing off the wall
The television’s loud
Dripping faucets, banging pipes
A large, protesting crowd

Rapping fingers, tapping pens
Babies in the mall
I wish I could not hear a sound
And then escape it all

Then came the day that I woke up
Was deafened as a nail
And could not hear the birds above
But only see them sail

I couldn’t hear my children’s voices
Saying what they need
To tell me what is wrong with them
Or if they wanted feed

The world was ever silent
And not a sound alive
An eerie darkness feeling
I never could survive

I longed to hear just one small sound
I’d give up all I had
To hear a simple chiming bell
Or just a talking lad

I got my wish to hear again
And ever glad am I
Complaint will not escape my mouth
Until the day I die

Nature’s Way vs. Man’s Way

The morning awakes with the sound of the birds
Chirping, their melody sweetly is heard
The mid-morning grass is sparkling with dew
The breeze that is blowing smells fresh and so new
The afternoon children are flying a kite
Watching them playing is such a glad sight
Dusk is now coming and silence befalls
A cricket’s the only thing that’s heard at all
Now it is night – the sky turns dark blue
Stars and a moon come out bright as if new
Silence and peacefulness echo throughout
Creatures now rustle around without doubt
But what if the scene were to change just a bit
And now see a city before us just lit

The morning awakes with the sound of a horn
Honking, its quickness and loudness to warn
The mid-morning grass is sparkling with glass
The breeze isn’t blowing, the sky’s overcast
The afternoon children are having a fight
I’m hoping that most of them come back alright
Dusk is now coming and evil emerge
Gun shots are screaming are all that is heard
Now it is night – but street lights are on
I’m lucking if I see a star before dawn
The night has no calmness and nothing is still
The creatures that do dare to come out are killed
I’d much rather live where nature has rule
Than live in a city where men are so cruel

Silently Fade

I’m no sick and tired of crying alone
Weeping each night as nobody knows
Thinking of you each moment I live
Wanting forever my heart to give
Aching teardrops falling for naught
You were the only thing in all my thoughts
You didn’t love me, but I was so blind
Blinded by teardrops to even mind
So now I forget you and look on ahead
Instead of just acting like my heart is dead
Such more important is school and my grades
Your memory now will silently fade
Maybe the future will bind us again
Maybe I will have your heart in the end
But that doesn’t matter, I’ll put you aside
What happens will happen, it’s all in stride

Friend Zone

I should be so happy
So why am I not?
Someone said I love you
In the letter I got
He’s such a nice guy
He likes me so much
Only one problem
My heart doesn’t touch
I like this one guy
It’s not hard to see
But I LOVE someone else
But he don’t love me
I wish I could switch them
Oh, life would be grand
But no one appeared
And told me I can
What should I tell him
He wants me to say
That I love him back
But there is no way
I don’t want to hurt him
Like I think I have been
Maybe I’ll say
That I’ll be his friend
I wish this one other
Would treat me as dear
And say that he loves me
To stop every tear
I only can dream
For what I wish true
Maybe it’ll be
So I’m not so blue


My smile may be pretty
My laugh may be loud
I might always lead
The mood of a crowd
But deep in my heart
Is such a big hole
Where happiness goes
That somebody stole
I live a pretender
Act like I’m glad
If only they knew
Inside, so sad
The void is so great
The price is so small
All I need is some love
That would be all

My prize

You try to push me far away
I only cling on more
Between the endless nights of tears
I feel I’m in a war
The only prize must be your heart
And so I strive to win
The end is when you love me back
But when did it begin?
Even if you curse my name
No matter what you do
Nothing can erase my love
I still would die for you
So now ahead I see a goal
It’s all that’s on my mind
The battle never can be won
Until your love I find

I’ll give you myself

I do not have the cutest face
Upon the earth today
I do not have the nicest hair
Soft with lots of wave
I do not have the coolest clothes
For everyone to see
I do not have the wisest brain
For I am only me
So what can I exchange to you?
What is there to give?
Nothing special do I have
Each day I only live
I know what I posses for you
I’ll give you just myself
All my love, all my trust
It may not bring you wealth
But it will give you happiness
Cuz anything I’ll do
Just to make your life so full
And all your dreams come true