Too Late

Standing here quietly
Waiting in line
Thousands in front of me
Thousands behind

Just then I look over
And see such a crowd
Of crying sad people
They’re wailing so loud

I tap on the shoulder
Of him before me
And ask why those people
Are there that I see

With coldness and sorrow
He tells me their fate
Those are the people
Who found out too late

Too late to be saved
Too late to have life
They’ll now live forever
In hell in their strife

Compassion within me
I look at the crowd
I now see their faces
The meek and the proud

But wait, in the middle
Oh no, could it be?
A person I know
I barely can see

He comes towards the edge
And meets eye to eye
A shiver comes over
And I start to cry

My grandpa is standing there
Tears in his eyes
I cannot quite hear him
But know he yells “why?”

I knew the truth
And never told him
I thought it too silly
To tell him of sin

And now I see more
My aunt and my friend
My cousin, my brother
Oh when will it end?

My eyes are now opened
And I look to see
The whole wailing crowd
Is looking at me

I know every one
And yet didn’t tell
These small yearning souls
About God and Hell

What was I thinking?
God sent them my way
For them to be saved
I didn’t obey

And now it’s too late
Too late to go back
And redo mistakes
And fix what I’ve lacked

The thought burns within me
And forever will
As I’ll live in joy
And they’ll die in Hell.