I Have a Crush

I had a crush when I was in high school and wrote quite a few poems to say it. Two has made some money selling these to guys online who have possibly told their girlfriends a bit of a tall tale that they could write poetry and need a poem to give their girlfriends.

Gorgeous brown eyes
And silky blond hair
Athletic he is
His kind is rare

Perfect in looks
And actions and ways
Sensible, smart
And humor he plays

Makes my day bright
Whenever he looks
Or a hello might say
Or pick up my books

My heart would melt
To think that he likes me
But no such dreams
I know that it can’t be

He is so handsome
And funny and wonderful
And I am so dull
And lonely and pitiful

I love him so much
And have for so long
To only get near him
My soul would sing songs

I must just hope
And wish and pray
That someday he’ll come
And carry me away