All Your Love

Our eyes met today
Now do you recall?
Mine said “I love you”
As you stood in the hall

It was only a moment
The you turned away
I know that you saw me
I watch every day

I think that you know
How much that I care
And I’d like to ask
But I do not care

For if you know
We’d not be friends
Then would not talk
My heart would bend

My heart is all chipped
From you who make fun
Could you get all the pieces
And mend one by one?

You joke around
And really don’t mean
But deep in it goes
As you make a scene

I love when we talk
Your friends not around
Conversation so nice
This I have found

You don’t need a laugh
From buddies so near
You honestly speak
Your words I hole dear

Then one would come
And you walk away
For them not to know
I wish you would stay

But I am content
With that I have got
All of your love
Is what I have sought