More Than Words

It’s not always words
That tell me your thoughts
For how can I know if you lie
But better to watch
Your actions and such
These much I would rather rely

A glance in my way
Tells you that I’m here
And that you were thinking of me
A wink is a sign
To show me you care
And nobody rather would see

A hand reaching out
And touching my arm
Says that you long to be close
A hug shouts it out
That no one will harm
The person that you love the most

A kiss is the best
For telling me that
I’m yours and you never will go
The stroke of my hair
A small, simple pat
Tenderness to me does show

But all these nice things
I’ll leave far behind
For one thing with nothing compares
A gaze in my eyes
That seems us to bind
And might be mistaken for stare

That long silent look
That opens the door
To all of your innermost dreams
Transparent feelings
That can hide no more
Out of your eyes always gleam

It’s almost that I
Can look in your heart
And see who the true person be
The one that I love
From never will part
And be by their side faithfully