Oh Be Careful What You Wish

On to work and home again
Through traffic, trucks and horns
Music blaring, children screaming
Neighbors in the morn

The phone is ringing off the wall
The television’s loud
Dripping faucets, banging pipes
A large, protesting crowd

Rapping fingers, tapping pens
Babies in the mall
I wish I could not hear a sound
And then escape it all

Then came the day that I woke up
Was deafened as a nail
And could not hear the birds above
But only see them sail

I couldn’t hear my children’s voices
Saying what they need
To tell me what is wrong with them
Or if they wanted feed

The world was ever silent
And not a sound alive
An eerie darkness feeling
I never could survive

I longed to hear just one small sound
I’d give up all I had
To hear a simple chiming bell
Or just a talking lad

I got my wish to hear again
And ever glad am I
Complaint will not escape my mouth
Until the day I die