Friend Zone

I should be so happy
So why am I not?
Someone said I love you
In the letter I got
He’s such a nice guy
He likes me so much
Only one problem
My heart doesn’t touch
I like this one guy
It’s not hard to see
But I LOVE someone else
But he don’t love me
I wish I could switch them
Oh, life would be grand
But no one appeared
And told me I can
What should I tell him
He wants me to say
That I love him back
But there is no way
I don’t want to hurt him
Like I think I have been
Maybe I’ll say
That I’ll be his friend
I wish this one other
Would treat me as dear
And say that he loves me
To stop every tear
I only can dream
For what I wish true
Maybe it’ll be
So I’m not so blue