Roller Skating

I grew up on roller skates. When I’m back on them, I feel free. I feel young again. I am fast and smooth and the wind blows my hair back with my speed. Skating is one of my happy spots. It lifts me from any mood.
Tonight Jonell, Ron, Don and I relived a day from our youth again and tore around the rink. I’m more sore than I could ever describe, but it’s TOTALLY worth it. My cookies made it obtainable. What would I do without them?
I am going to bed with my heart happy and my soul filled.

Another headache…

Today, I’m starting another one of my famous headaches. I never quite know what starts them, advances them or makes them go away. I hate being in the hospital, so I do everything in my power to not get one. Some go away naturally on their own and others fester to the point that I can’t stand the pain anymore. Today’s goal is to enjoy the last day of quiet of this house and try to get my neck to relax.


Fit into this box, they say,
They push my head on down.
Now carry this and now balance on that
Perk up, don’t you dare wear a frown!

Run just a little bit farther.
Push just a little bit more.
Don’t forget Tuesday and pull it together
Make sure that you lock all the doors.

Why can’t you be a bit taller?
Your clothes are not perfect tonight.
Bend over farther, now speak even louder
Are you trying to do it just right?

I want to just go far away.
Take the burdens and put down the load
Disappear into nothing, escape what is real
But I can’t find the magical road.