Before you bid adieu

If only for a moment
Just a speck of time
You could take your heart
And trade it in for mine
Then you’d know my feelings
My doubts and deepest fears
You’d realize my struggles
My sorrow through the years
But most of all you’d see
The breaking of my heart
And now in short of time
You’ve broken it apart
You’d know how much it hurts
To see the days go by
And know I must forget you
Although it be a lie
I could never close my eyes
And not vision your face
A million, billion, trillion years
Could never you erase
The last thing you would realize
Before you bid adieu
Is the only thing I’m living for
That only one is you
Without you I would waste away
And never stop to cry
Most of all I’m so afraid
Without you I would die

A door made of stone

The world seems so happy with laughter and glee
Sometimes they try to spread some to me
Although for a moment I might have a smile
If you watch closely it goes in a while
So deep in my heart there is such a chain
On a door made of stone and behind it is pain
This place’s filled with sorrow and like that will stay
Until someone special would come my way
He knows who he is and yet doesn’t care
He’d rather sit back and watch my heart tear
He seems to be lost – forever more
But he is the one who can open the door
I’ts forever locked, I’ll never be free
To rid all the pain, unless he loves me


What do you feel when you look in my eyes?
Are you deceiving me with all your lies?
Are you sincere and you really like me?
And trying to open your heart so I see?
Or are you preparing to dump me again?
To make sure my heart could never be mend?
Sometimes I wonder if maybe it’s true
I’ve captured your heart just like I used to
It’s maybe the answer to all of my dreams
I slowly get closer to you so it seems
Or is it a fact that you’re leading me on?
Then plan to laugh when you’re suddenly gone?
I never remember expecting to see
The day once again you’d be gazing at me
It seems so unreal, I think I’m asleep
Dreaming once more while I silently weep
Is it the truth that you’re coming back?
Slowly but surely – I wish it were fact
Are you now ready to face me once more?
Holding the key to my heart’s lonely door?
The only one thing that I have yet to fear
Is to listen and wonder if I’m going to hear
That you never liked me and do not today
And that you want me to please go away
I’m sorry, but if that is certainly true
Tell me today so I can be blue
And cry it all out before I’m too deep
Before it’s too late to silently weep
But if all my hopes and dreams are real
And what I think is what you feel
Even if you want to go very slow
Tell me what you want so that I can know
We’ll start again, forget what’s behind
Look to new places and see what we find
I’ll wait here forever for you to come
And say that I am the only one
I’ll wait here forever for your love to send
As long as I have your heart in the end

How Can I Tell Him?

How can I tell him that I love him so?
How can I tell him if he doesn’t know?
At just the right moment I’ll say it so soft
Or climb up a barn and pronounce from the loft
I just do not know how I’d say it to him
To tell him I’d answer his every slight whim
And that I’ll stay with him ’til death do us part
And love him forever with all of my heart
I’m hoping that maybe he might love me too
And what if he doesn’t? Then I shall be blue