More Than Words

It’s not always words
That tell me your thoughts
For how can I know if you lie
But better to watch
Your actions and such
These much I would rather rely

A glance in my way
Tells you that I’m here
And that you were thinking of me
A wink is a sign
To show me you care
And nobody rather would see

A hand reaching out
And touching my arm
Says that you long to be close
A hug shouts it out
That no one will harm
The person that you love the most

A kiss is the best
For telling me that
I’m yours and you never will go
The stroke of my hair
A small, simple pat
Tenderness to me does show

But all these nice things
I’ll leave far behind
For one thing with nothing compares
A gaze in my eyes
That seems us to bind
And might be mistaken for stare

That long silent look
That opens the door
To all of your innermost dreams
Transparent feelings
That can hide no more
Out of your eyes always gleam

It’s almost that I
Can look in your heart
And see who the true person be
The one that I love
From never will part
And be by their side faithfully


It seems that as I walk through life
I pass the joy and find the strife
I never am completely glad
My happiness is like a fad
It sways as through an evening breeze
That comes and goes with simple ease
I only wish to settle down
And have a guy to whom I’m bound
But somehow I am scared to look
‘Cuz each and every one’s a crook
They use me ’til they’ve had their fun
They break my heart each single time
And treat me like I’m worth a dime
Then move on and me forget
Although with tears I cry and sit
And wonder why I loved them so
And why they said they had to go

I Wish

I wish I had someone to love
Someone “God sent” from above
One in whom I would be glad
Forever lost my days of sad
A person with I can have fun
A person like no other one
Someone I can fully trust
But doesn’t have to be so just
One I know will never leave
Someone who in me believes
Waiting still I’m sitting here
Filled with hope, but facing fear

Hope (1)

It seems when I am down and out
And have no where to turn
I’ve almost lost all peace of mind
For happiness I yearn

I feel so free to come to you
And tell you everything
You always help me smile again
And pain to loose it’s sting

You look beyond my deepest flaws
Bring out the best in me
And even when I’m not so great
The beauty in me see

You’re always ready with a hug
To calm my restless soul
And things you say are wonderful
They help to make me grow

I only hope that I can be
A friend as you have been
And be there when you’re crying so
Lift you to your feet again

So when you’re feeling down and out
And have no place to go
Remember that I’m here for you
And how I love you so


Discouraged, lonely, so depressed
Aching only for some rest
The world is crashing all around
Not a sign of hope be found
Anger, fury deep inside
All you want to do is hide
Go somewhere and cry it out
Remove the pain and all the doubts
Wishing you could start again
Or your life could somehow end
Face your problems strong they be
Never fear to call on me
Or go to God although it’s hard
He will help your grief discard
Never fret, never fear
God above will lend an ear
He knows it all and cares a lot
He’s always there when friends are not
So cheer up kid, and find a smile
‘Cuz tears on you are not your style


The snow is neatly on the ground
Laid as though a spread
The morning sings a special song
God is grinning overhead

Inside the house a pile of gifts
Which lay beneath the tree
The eager air is tight with joy
For everyone to see

The children sit and wait their turn
To open every one
Screams of pleasure and delight
Ring out until they’re done

The wind is calm in reverence
To honor such a day
When long ago the son of God
Was born upon the hay

Although the burst of laughter
The truth is seen so clear
We know today is special
For people far and near

So as the children drift to sleep
Warmly all tucked in
Christmas sheds a tender light
And on each face, a grin

A Friend

There’s a time within a life
When everyone is gone
Your heart is aching much
Just only to belong

No one seems to care
Amidst their hurried way
To stop and be a friend
Not even for a day

I know a person well
Who’s waiting for a friend
He’ll never tell a lie
And lots of love will send

This person is but God
And he will help you so
He’ll always be right here
And never will he go

Don’t cry or stomp or pout
‘Cuz he will see you through
All you do is ask
And he’ll be your friend too.


Hopeless on this earth I roam
I have no place to call my home
No best friend that is my own
The only things I have are poems

Living life in solitude
People passing, being rude
No one stops to me include
No wonder why this is my mood

If just one person only saw
The shy still voice behind the wall
Reaching out but always falls
No one’s there to hear me call

Acquaintances I have a much
But none extend a hand to touch
The weak and fragile soul as such
That takes a many hurting punch

Someday I’ll see the crystal lake
Beyond the joyous happy gate
But only if the wall they break
And help me out, my hand they take

When’s My Turn?

I look around and all I see
Are lovers’ hearts entangled be
Every girl sits by a guy
And has a smile, and holds him nigh
Here I sit, I’m all alone
There’s no one here to call my own
Looking desperately I wait
I’m hoping that it’s not too late
Why is it me that has not one
To love and cherish ’til life is done
They who have and much are blessed
Just take for granted and care less
I’ll wait forever as now I do
To only find a guy that’s true

Untold Thanks

Thank you dear Lord
For talents you give
Those small special things
To have as we live

For me it is poems
And all that I write
Would be all in vain
If not for your might

I sometimes forget
That it comes from you
I’m sorry for that
Forgive me  you do

So help me from now
‘Til I die some day
To write just for you
In my special way