Field of Life

A stretching field of golden grass
Golden, like a bell of brass
Shrubs and bushes here and there
Scattered as if were no care
The bushes are of different heights
Different colors, different mights
Some are strong are some are weak
Some are proud and some are meek
Winds and storms do often come
And break a branch of fragile ones
And sometimes in the moonlight black
Or maybe day is seen a sack
Within the hands of tall a man
Who comes and gathers what he can
He brings them to the place he lives
A very cautious look he gives
For if the bush is small and thin
The fireplace is where it’s in
But if the wood is fine and thick
He’ll make a sturdy walking stick
Or sometimes if the mood is good
He’ll take the little piece of wood
And carve a gorgeous thing to place
Upon his shelf and by his vase
He keeps this field with bursting pride
He watches out as days go by
To see that only he will trim
To make the bushes grow for him
Oh, there are some who do stand tall
And hardly need a trim at all
But some are stray and tangled round
And laying flat along the ground
For these he gives a sigh of grief
He knows that it has been a thief
The bushes can ignore the tools
Used by these unruly fools
They think it’s easier to lay
And not their springing roots obey
Forever here they lay to rest
He knows they could have been the best

Why Does it Hurt?

I’m beginning to see a pattern…

I gave you my all
My heart and my life
You walked over me
And gave me such strife
So why does it hurt that you’re gone?

I drove you around
I gave and I gave
You used me so much
And made me your slave
So why do I cry that you’re gone?

I washed all your clothes
I cleaned up your house
You made me feel small
As small as a mouse
So why am I sad that you’re gone?

I bought you CDs
I cared for your son
While you laid there sleeping
And I received none
So why am I crushed that you’re gone?

Filled with Words

You’d never know it, but it is the truth
Although you might argue and sigh
Babies are born only hollow inside
And fill up as time passes by
They fill up with laughter or kindness and love
They fill with the kisses they get
But also they fill with disaster and hate
With violence, sadness, regret
So when you encounter a young one half full
Whether next year or today
You are but shaping what they will become
So take heed of the words that you say

Who Am I?

To you who is tapping upon her heart’s door
Maybe you’d like to know what is in store
A few little secrets I’m telling you here
Reverence them for they will soon disappear

This lady you seek has a soft gentle soul
If you look closer you’ll see many holes
Where past ones have hurt her pretending to care
Only just wanting a small souvenir
So if she is cautious, forgive her of this
Just tell her the truth after each little kiss

I never have seen someone with such a skill
She gives of herself and then gives more until
She’s given her soul and her last breath of air
To all those she loves and just to show that she cares
Your duty for this is to make your love known
And give yourself back, your devotion be shown

I know all these problems must worry you some
But let me assure you, there’s good things to come
She’ll be your best friend and be faithful to you
She doesn’t tell lies and she works so hard too
She doesn’t control and she doesn’t play games
She’s just what you see, every day is the same
So open your heart and give her a chance
I promise your soul will learn how to dance

Too Late

Standing here quietly
Waiting in line
Thousands in front of me
Thousands behind

Just then I look over
And see such a crowd
Of crying sad people
They’re wailing so loud

I tap on the shoulder
Of him before me
And ask why those people
Are there that I see

With coldness and sorrow
He tells me their fate
Those are the people
Who found out too late

Too late to be saved
Too late to have life
They’ll now live forever
In hell in their strife

Compassion within me
I look at the crowd
I now see their faces
The meek and the proud

But wait, in the middle
Oh no, could it be?
A person I know
I barely can see

He comes towards the edge
And meets eye to eye
A shiver comes over
And I start to cry

My grandpa is standing there
Tears in his eyes
I cannot quite hear him
But know he yells “why?”

I knew the truth
And never told him
I thought it too silly
To tell him of sin

And now I see more
My aunt and my friend
My cousin, my brother
Oh when will it end?

My eyes are now opened
And I look to see
The whole wailing crowd
Is looking at me

I know every one
And yet didn’t tell
These small yearning souls
About God and Hell

What was I thinking?
God sent them my way
For them to be saved
I didn’t obey

And now it’s too late
Too late to go back
And redo mistakes
And fix what I’ve lacked

The thought burns within me
And forever will
As I’ll live in joy
And they’ll die in Hell.


I sleep beside him every night
And wake up in the mornings light
His face – the first thing in my sight
But we are not together

To me he is the greatest guy
To not say this would be a lie
For me, I just do not know why
We are not together

I clean his house and make him meals
He fixes and he drives my wheels
I do not know just how he feels
But we are not together

He comes home and he talks to me
As we sit down and watch TV
He will never call us “we”
For “we” are not together

We go out and have such fun
We party ’til the night is done
Now and then he’ll call me “hon”
But we are not together

We tease each other now and then
That’s the way it’s always been
I never look at other men
But we are not together

For me the fact is hard to take
The evidence shows it’s a mistake
And yet I act (for goodness sake)
That we are not together

For now I just live everyday
And wait for him to turn and say
That I can have it my own way
And we can be together

This Road

I don’t remember sitting down and picking out this road
I know I would have much preferred to lighten up the load
But every bump along the way has strengthened me inside
And every fall has taught me how to take all things in stride
I don’t remember being asked to bear it all alone
I wonder everyday when my soulmate’s coming home
Until I either reach the end or die within the task
I’ve learned to glance behind me but will not be turning back


The Road

“Sometimes this road I travel seems too hard and so unfair
Lord, is it supposed to be this hard for me to bear?
I know your way is perfect, and you do not make mistakes,
But surely there is time for you to give a tiny break.
These rocks that I am stumbling on are really bugging me,
When I try to cross them, they bring me to my knees.”

“Dear child, I’m listening as you pray – I’m right beside you here.
I know the stones may hurt a bit, but never, never fear.
If you could see beyond the ridge to where this path will go-
You would know the purpose in just why I chose this road.
And just a tip for you to learn while walking every mile,
When you stumble to your knees, stay there for a while.”

Surprise Ending

A joke in the hallway, a smile on the stairs
The story that’s told of the game truth or dare
Hugs unexpected, a splash in the pond
The chatter of voices that spill all day long

Correction when needed, announcement of chores
A strict, sharp reminder we do not slam doors
The look in their eyes when knowledge is found
Discussing a topic that’s two hours long

The baseball that’s hit, the slide into home
The song that they sing when they think they’re alone
Peaceful, sweet looks on their faces I see
As I go in each night to check on all three

But I cannot help but to cry deep inside
For I know their pain is a thousand miles wide
Every day as they wake, there is someone not here
I know that they wonder deep down if they care

The days fly so fast and they’re picking up speed
And you know kids will sprout just as if they’re a weed
Before you can blink, these kids will be men
To start this dear cycle of life all again

Someone’s not hearing the jokes that they say
They’re always one short for the games that they play
Missing the friendship, and missing the smiles
Missing these last crucial steps of their miles

All I can do is to wipe away tears
To see all their smiles and be there for fears
The story I’m telling is not finished yet
God has a great surprise ending, I’ll bet!

One More Tear

And then one more tear starts to fall down my cheek
The darkness and silence my secret will keep
The house is too quiet and perfectly still
And yet if you ask me I probably will
Laugh through my tears and softly reveal
I’d rather have chaos than neat

My heart is too broken to try to explain
The story of all of the battles of pain
Right now all I care is to get through the night
To rise one more day in my most current fight
Just to exist when the sun shines her light
On Earth as she has once again

Distractions will mask all the current distress
No you may not! and clean up your mess!
But under the smile and bubbly façade
Is someone whose heart is a crumpled up wad
Of pieces that someone has trampled and trod
To make me feel less upon less

Of course, if you’re human like me, you ask Why?
And rather it happen to some other guy
But I have accepted the road up ahead
No one can carry this load in my stead
And God is beside me just like he said
Even the times when I cry

And then in the night when there’s no one to call
The darkness makes loneliness grow 10 feet tall
God gives me strength for just one more day
Courage to face whatever I may
And I am reminded again just to pray
For God sees each tear that will fall