I’ve been hanging out with him occasionally for a few years now. He’s calm and steady and quiet. He is playful and fun. JH fixes my car when I need him to. Zero loves him and his shop. I’m at his house watching TV right now (he’s sleeping in).


I’ve met someone… I think. Things are still new. He’s nice, and a perfect gentleman. He seems like he’ll be a great companion to travel and do lots of things. And I want to do all of the things. And I will.


He is the sweetest soul I’ve bumped into in all my life. Things are easy. He’s so accepting and loving. I shall enjoy his company as long as I’m able.
We went to the zoo Monday. I haven’t been to a zoo since going with my bff, Kevin. I really enjoyed the day.

Weird Guys

The dating pool is scare enough, but I had 2 encounters recently that took me for a loop.

Guy 1. B
I matched with him on a dating site. We chatted for a few weeks, he seemed interesting or at least worth the time to go on a date, so I accepted his invitation to go on a date. We walked down main street of a little town near him. We ate at a cute little bar. I hugged him and thanked him for the date. We continued to text occasionally over the next 2 weeks. He messaged me on a Friday asking if we could get a hotel room Sunday night. (we live 2 hours away) I told him I wasn’t comfortable meeting someone at a hotel. I told him I didn’t mind hanging out and watching a movie with him, but I would guarantee that if his goal was to get me into bed, he was wasting his time. He said that wasn’t his aim at all and we continued texting. After thinking about it again, I text him the next day I wasn’t comfortable meeting him at a hotel and my answer was no.
The next day, I got a text from him telling me that I’m easy and I fuck everyone and that I’m a cum dumpster. He also informed me that he would be blocking me because I was just too much to deal with.
Think about this ladies and gentlemen, I made it clear I was uncomfortable going to a hotel with him, and I’m the easy, slut, cum dumpster. There is no better definition of irony.

Guy 2. J
I also matched with him on a dating site. We chatted for a couple weeks and he asked me out. I was genuinely interested. We went out for an early afternoon dinner and had a great talk. We were still talking a few hours later and decided to go see a movie. Through talking on the way home from the movie, I noticed some red flags (he is a hoarder! like the kind on the tv shows). I hugged him and told him I had a great time and said goodnight. We continued to text over the next 2 weeks, but I made no effort to see him since I wasn’t interested in a 2nd date.
Then my recent car accident happened. I asked a friend to tow my car to my house. He couldn’t, so I paid a tow truck. I called around and found and bought a rim from a salvage yard. I called around and found a bought a tire for the rim. Three’s car also needed brakes, so I had him call around to get an appointment somewhere. Every place he called was saying they either couldn’t or could in a few weeks. Hoping to get them done sooner, I contacted a few friends. Shannon said she had a neighbor that maybe could do them. Dan said that he would call his friend and get back to me. Then I remembered J. He doesn’t have a job and he seemed handy. So I called him and offered him the brake job on my son’s car. I told him my son would buy whatever parts he’d say he needed and pay him for replacing them.
His answer…. “It’s too soon”
I thought he was meaning it was too early in the day. He said that that’s not it.
It’s too soon for you to be depending on me.
Say what? I told him if he didn’t want to get paid to do a job, just say no. But I certainly am not depending on him to get a brake job done. I have plenty of other people I can ask and pay.

Moral of the story…. Guys on dating sites are duds.


Janine isn’t looking so good. So far, she was towed home; I found a rim at a salvage yard; I bought a used tire at a little, local mechanic shop. I could not get the lugnuts off no matter how hard I tried. Most of the nuts had some cheap coating on them and needed a larger socket than the normal one I keep in my car. I bought a bigger one, but the circumference of the socket was too large to fit into the hole on the rim.
After 2 hours of trying my hardest to get them off, I called and asked JH to help. He blew me off. I asked the only other person I could think of. PA came to help, donned in his work kakis and knee pads and dug right in. It took him about an hour to get off the 8 lugnuts. He sent me to O’Reillys to buy new nuts and he had my tire and spare on in no time.
Today, I will try to schedule Janine to get checked out. I’m hoping that she just needs an alignment.

Three’s Bday

Yesterday was more than just his bday. I’ve been battling for over a year and a half to have Cede pay child support for the last year while Three was finishing high school. Three has had some health problems over the past few years, but 2 years ago, it got really bad and he started missing 4/5 days of school. I brought it up in court last March to let them know that he was not on track to graduate. I’ve had 4 more court dates telling the judge that, but Cede’s lawyer kept prolonging the hearing and kept rescheduling more court dates to get more fees out of him. In the end, the truth was known and I was awarded a full year of support (from the last time he paid).
If he had just paid it all along, we could have stayed living where we were and Three could have completed high school there.
If he had just paid it all along, we wouldn’t have been homeless.
He’s pretty angry. I don’t really care. He got off scott free when his lawyer convinced the judge not to give me maintenance. The money is for Three, anyway.
But here is a picture of us yesterday. We got our nails done together again. He got fake nails this time. He had a good day and he is happy and healthy and full of life and blooming possibilities. That’s all I care about.

Car accident.

Three was driving me home from some errands in Madison. He was going too fast coming off the ramp from I90 onto N and slid going around the corner. He lost control and started skidding. We went over 2 medians and the side air bag deployed against my arm. We’re both ok. Zero is a bit spooked. The cops gave us a ride home. Three paid for the tow. I’m hoping that a rim and 2 tires will be all that’s needed to fix it. I’ll deal with it tomorrow. My energy is gone for today.
I’m sad. I was planning to see JM tonight. Maybe I can reschedule for this coming weekend.

Another headache…

Today, I’m starting another one of my famous headaches. I never quite know what starts them, advances them or makes them go away. I hate being in the hospital, so I do everything in my power to not get one. Some go away naturally on their own and others fester to the point that I can’t stand the pain anymore. Today’s goal is to enjoy the last day of quiet of this house and try to get my neck to relax.

Today is a new day.

Today, my website is back online. It’s been down for quite a while. I deleted my old blog from before long ago, but I long to keep writing. It memorializes my thoughts. It sorts my emotions. It heals my soul.
I will be writing about the past, present and future. But today I’ll stick to what’s happening right this moment.
At this moment in time, I’m still currently homeless. I’ve been staying at Sherri’s house, in her basement with Tyler, Zero and Grage. This weekend, I’m babysitting Kristi and Justin’s 4 dogs, 2 ferrets, bearded dragon and chinchilla for the weekend while they’re at a hockey tournament. It’s a nice get away to be alone. It’s nice to enjoy some quiet and not have a schedule. One year ago I was still in the hospital. I’ve come a long way. Today, I feel good. I’m eating well and taking my meds and getting enough sleep. Today I am ok. I am alive and still taking things…. one day at a time.