In Love

I got to spend time with my JM two days in a row this week. Wednesday, I went to his house. We ran some errands to pick up supplies for the burlesque show Thursday. Then he came over after the show and spent a few hours here. I made him a stew which completely did NOT turn out, but he ate it happily anyway. He met Three. That’s a huge thing for me. I’m sure that Three doesn’t understand the depth of my feelings nor the definition of our relationship, but it’s ok. I love that man and everything about him. He is my pillow to lay my head upon in the chaos of this world. We connect so deeply and completely on different levels. It feels great. It feels wonderful.

Up Nort

I finally got a weekend up north with my JW. It’s been 2 months since I saw him. I babysat the Janesville house for 4 weekends and he’s been getting ready to move. He’s almost got all his stuff in a storage unit and is picking out which house he’ll buy. It is pretty exciting times for him. This last weekend was the first time ever getting to spend a whole, complete day with him when he didn’t have to work. We did get a bunch moved, but got sick on Sunday, so we laid around all day and watched That 70s Show. I really enjoyed my time with him.


So…… today I did a thing. Brittany and I went to Tommy’s shop for her to get a dermal on the side of her eye. I had planned to get one years ago and Tommy just never did it. TJ was egging me on and said he’d do it for free. I sat and thought for a moment and couldn’t think of any reason NOT to get it…. so I did. Seize the moment!
I now have a dermal inbetween / on top of my cleavage on my chest. It’s a bit sore but not too bad.

I passed!

Today, I fulfilled a 3 year goal. Years ago, realizing that Tyler would be out of the house (hopefully) in a few years, I set out to get my CCW. I took my time and found a pistol that I was comfortable with. I shot and practiced with that gun. Today, I took my pistol class and passed. I feel so accomplished. I feel pride and joy and success.


I’m inviting JM to come to Florida with me when I go in September to see Kevin. I am really looking forward to having him all to myself for 4 whole days. I can’t wait to show him all my favorite places. Our tickets are already bought. Now to start counting down!

Girl Drama

Why do girls have to be so mean?
I was invited to a “girl’s night out” to see Road Trip play at the Grateful Shed. I’m sure I could have found someone to go with me or found something else to do that night, but I told the gals that I’d go. I posted on the FB event 2x asking if / where we were staying in a hotel and that I can get discounts. Not one person answered me back. So I assumed they weren’t staying, so I drove the hour, 15 there and back. Then I found out later that they were all staying in a hotel.
I also asked where we were meeting for dinner before the band started. I asked in the event thread and no one answered. So I figured no one was going out to eat and I’d need to eat anyway, so I got to the Shed an hour early to eat and save spots for everyone. I messaged Sarah while I was there how many people were coming. There were 5 besides me…. and they were out to eat together currently and would get there soon.
Why do girls have to be so rude and unkind?
Since it rained, they postponed the start time 1 hour. I hung out and stalked tables to take when people got up for an hour. And then I thought, why should I go out of my way and find them a table when they were so unkind to me? I can’t even be unkind back. SK and I were texting for a while as he was telling me to forget about a table for them. And it happened… the close table got taken while I was looking at my phone and 1 comfortable chair opened. So I picked the 1 chair and got settled to watch the band myself. The gals showed up a bit later and stood the whole night.
I’m just so done with the girl drama.

Hot times

Today’s temp is 92. SK and I were going to go to the House on the Rock but my back was hurting so badly. Then we were going to go shooting but it was so stinkin hot. We settled on picking up his new bike, touring his antique display and going to eat for some great BBQ. He’s going to break my heart when he finds the lady he’s looking for. I told him I’d never unfriend him, that whomever comes into my life has to accept the friends I already have. I guess I’ll just enjoy his company while I can.


I have wondered how many close partnerships would be enough. I have felt the need for more and more through the last 5 years. Each person that I’ve added has added their time to my schedule and their love to my heart. Until just weeks ago, I sought out more partners, searching for someone full time.
I no longer feel that I need anymore. I feel like there is enough.
I guess if I stumble across someone that has potential to be full time, I would give them another look, but until then…. I have enough. <3


I am feeling so full of love. JM and SK are so wonderful.
JM and a Meta went dancing at the Crucible for Leather and Lace. It was fun and the spirit of everyone was so uplifting. Today with SK was relaxing and comfortable. We have plans to see each other again Wednesday.
My soul is at peace and happy. Life is good.