Wind is my drug.
My hands are up in the breeze and I can feel tingles on my arm hairs as we come to a stop.
I wave hi to strangers as we pass and give the sign as other bikes go by.
The air has the stickiness of the summer night in every breath.
My feet wiggle as the smile grows across my face so wide, you know this is my happy place.
All I can hear is the RUM of the bike and the WOOSH of the wind in my ears.
For a moment, I have no troubles.
For a moment, all is well.
For just a moment, I can fly.

Dancing Alone

All of my friends walk with their better half
While I am still dancing alone.
Of course they have stories behind all their jokes
They always have texts on their phone.

Someone to cuddle on rainy, sad days
Someone to care if they’re down
They always have someone to take out to eat
And someone to straighten their crown.

And here I am sitting alone in this house
Writing this sad, little poem.
While all of the happy, young couples are out
I’m doomed to be always alone.

Reality of Theft

Delusions have faded and all that is left
Is a detailed report for the site of the theft.
The dreams that once held up her chin ever high
Are buried and all that is left is a sigh.

The great celebration is only a farce.
Puppets and actors all playing their part.
Pull back the curtain to see with your eyes
The sad little girl as she quietly cries.

The cute little story that’s told with such glee
Has broken her spirit most eloquently.
The step that is left is to pick a new mask
That giggles and smiles for the next rugged task.