I’m nothing but a gypsy tart
That travels town to town
I spread my joy to every soul
I never wear a frown

Today I’m camping in the woods
Tomorrow I’m gone swimming
The next day I’m upon a Hog
As the sun is dimming

You’ll never see me wear my shoes
And usually not a bra
My hair’s a wind-blown tangled mess
I’m quite the fun grandma!

My mouth’s as filthy as my feet
And yet my soul is pure
I’m full of love and nothing else
Just ask if you’re unsure

I don’t have time to write much more
I’m off to see the rest
Come join me if you’d like to go
Who knows my next conquest?

More Love

I got back from seeing my bff Kevin in Florida last Wednesday. JM joined me for the first few day, and then I had Kevin all to myself. I then went on the greatest ATV adventure ever! I was one of the guys and enjoyed the weekend driving a side by side like I stole it. I hadn’t been on a 4 wheeler since the kids were little. I knew I wouldn’t be able to drive a regular ATV, but I was able to drive the side by side just fine for about an hour! I had the time of my life.
JM switched days and I got to see DT last night. He is going to break my heart something fierce. I am absolutely falling for him. I can see myself in his life. I’d love to make him happy. I’d love to be beside him every morning and be his companion forever. He doesn’t see me the same. I know he enjoys my company, but I wonder for how long. I am struggling with living for the moment and just enjoying every moment with him or leaving now to save my heart. Of course I will continue… I can’t live any other way.
SK and AR are still my phone buddies. I wish I could see more of them.