Happy Birthday Brice

Each year my brother’s birthday comes on June 18th and there is no one to tell happy birthday to. A few years ago I wrote him this poem. I know that he is in heaven smiling down on us and some day I’ll join him. I sure miss him though.

You spend each day outside at play
And skateboard every summer away
But never imagine that you’ll wake up one day
When he won’t be around

The years go by but time stands still
The hole is there that none can fill
The journey only goes uphill
The days are long and dark

His sound of laughter ever gone
And memories only linger on
The longing for the world beyond
Is present every day

I miss him more than words could say
No price too big I wouldn’t pay
To see him just for one more day
And have him back again

Happy birthday brother dear
And here we watch another year
Pass by without you sitting here
With candles and a cake

Know that not a day goes by
Without you always on my mind
I cannot wait to someday fly
And see you once again

I love you Brice.