I have written poetry since I was little. I’ve found little bits of poems that my mom has tucked away that were written when I must have been in kindergarten or first grade.
I have always been drawn to words… to vocabulary… to descriptive text, and when I sit down in a certain frame of mind my thoughts come out in rhyme. Some lines of poetry are simpler from when I was younger but I have challenged myself as I’ve grown to expand and write deeper and to draw the thoughts to flow from one line to the next.
I can’t say that I have any profound influences beside being taught in school to write in iambic pentameter. I do, however, enjoy the poetry of the obvious poets – Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and William Shakespeare.
I’ll be putting my poems in my blog to have them in one place. They can be found all at once under the category: Poetry. The ones that I wrote when I was young are posted with the year of 2000. The older the poem, the younger I was. I will not be explaining many unless they need to be introduced. Many of them have a deep or painful meaning that I’d rather keep to myself. I don’t mind if anyone uses them, just make sure my name is with them please. My maiden name is Brandy Borges, married name is Brandy Madison, either is fine, Thanks.

Brandy’s Poetry