Wind Chimes

IIMG_1220‘ve always loved wind chimes for some reason. My eye always catches them in the stores or I seek them out if I hear them. I’ve had an idea to make my own wind chimes for my new place made of old, discarded keys and maybe a few interesting things I’d find at a thrift store. I found a cool glass goblet and a few more keys to add to the few rings of unknown keys that I had and I found a metal basket that I would tie it together with. In the move, an old fishing pole got broken, so I thought that would be a great opportunity to use the fishing line to tie everything together.
Here’s how it turned out:


In going through boxes, I also found my quiet seat prize from Sunday School when I was little. I would guess I was about 6 or 7. I remember that Tina StoeckmanIMG_1225 (and I probably murdered her last name) was my teacher. I was SO PROUD of that prize and wouldn’t you guess… it’s a wind chime. I had it hanging in my bedroom for quite a while and it’s been in a box for many years. Now that I’m settled, I repaired it and it now hangs in my entrance way between my garage and door to my house. It is a butterfly wind chime. Somehow the little touches of “ME” is making the place here feel a whole lot more like home. <3