A New Room

The house of Brandy wasn’t big enough. One came back and he had no place to stay…. so we built another room.
Since our garage is 2 1/2 cars deep, we took the last few feet, made it flush with our entryway and built him a bedroom. One and I drew out the plans, went to Menards for the materials and started building. I couldn’t do much work on my own. I mainly went out there to take pictures or hold a board while One or Two made it level. It took about 5 days for the main construction, and another 2 or 3 for the fine touches. It still needs trim and carpet, but he moved in 2 days ago. The room turned out to be 15′ x 9′. So I guess I have a 4 bedroom home now. He framed, put in insulation, hung the drywall. plywood (walls inside the garage) and wood siding (walls outside). He picked a bright aqua to paint it. Here are a few of the pictures.


12299813_949432648457486_870808872_o 12282833_949864258414325_1414648595_n 12343289_953390994728318_1349510206_o 12334033_953391061394978_1769994298_o