My Grandma’s House

My Dad’s mother passed away when I was 19. I was very close to her and I wrote 2 poems for her funeral. This is 1 of them.

When I was just a little girl
I loved my grandma’s home
Her walls would echo warmth and love
Like lovely lines of poems

Behind her door was comfort found
And in her arms such peace
I’d sit to hear her voice for hours
Until her talking cease

There’s something ’bout the touch of love
That calms the soul inside
And gives such strength to stand behind
And helps the way to find

Such memories of that dear place
I hold within my heart
And though through years of changes past
These thoughts will never part

I’ll Remember

My dad’s mother passed away when I was 19. She was diabetic and towards the end could not see and didn’t have the best of health. I was very close to her and wrote a few poems for her funeral. This is one of them.

I’ll remember your smile as it lit up your face
I’ll remember the strength of your caring embrace
I’ll remember your voice as you called out my name
I’ll remember your love was always the same
I’ll remember the feeling as you stroked my hair
I’ll remember the times that you showed me you cared
I’ll remember the love that you gave me each day
I’ll remember when scared and beside me you stayed
I now must live on with you in my heart
And my sweet memories will never depart

You can now see the sunset and clouds in the sky
You can now see the birds and they flutter by
You can now walk a mile and enjoy all you do
You can now forget pills and shots and the flu
You can now start on living as you did before
And soon I will join you, so wait at the door