Janine isn’t looking so good. So far, she was towed home; I found a rim at a salvage yard; I bought a used tire at a little, local mechanic shop. I could not get the lugnuts off no matter how hard I tried. Most of the nuts had some cheap coating on them and needed a larger socket than the normal one I keep in my car. I bought a bigger one, but the circumference of the socket was too large to fit into the hole on the rim.
After 2 hours of trying my hardest to get them off, I called and asked JH to help. He blew me off. I asked the only other person I could think of. PA came to help, donned in his work kakis and knee pads and dug right in. It took him about an hour to get off the 8 lugnuts. He sent me to O’Reillys to buy new nuts and he had my tire and spare on in no time.
Today, I will try to schedule Janine to get checked out. I’m hoping that she just needs an alignment.