More Than Words

It’s not always words
That tell me your thoughts
For how can I know if you lie
But better to watch
Your actions and such
These much I would rather rely

A glance in my way
Tells you that I’m here
And that you were thinking of me
A wink is a sign
To show me you care
And nobody rather would see

A hand reaching out
And touching my arm
Says that you long to be close
A hug shouts it out
That no one will harm
The person that you love the most

A kiss is the best
For telling me that
I’m yours and you never will go
The stroke of my hair
A small, simple pat
Tenderness to me does show

But all these nice things
I’ll leave far behind
For one thing with nothing compares
A gaze in my eyes
That seems us to bind
And might be mistaken for stare

That long silent look
That opens the door
To all of your innermost dreams
Transparent feelings
That can hide no more
Out of your eyes always gleam

It’s almost that I
Can look in your heart
And see who the true person be
The one that I love
From never will part
And be by their side faithfully

Untrue Boys

Why can’t boys be like my dog
Who is so kind and true
She’s always faithful, always mine
And soothes me when I’m blue

She’s always there to hear me talk
Whenever called, she comes
Keeps me warm when I am cold
Has never failed me once

I know that there are guys like this
I’ve read of them in books
Or heard of them from happy girls
Who swear they are not crooks

But sorry now I have to say
I’ve never met a one
Who doesn’t like to cheat on girls
Or break their hearts for fun

I don’t believe I’ll live the day
When a guy I see
Will honor all the vows he makes
And wonderful will be

I hope and dream through every night
A guy will come my way
But no luck yet, I still must wait
And watch and wish and pray


You there, yes you!
You are such a big dork
You have the compassion
Of a slab of raw pork
Your nose is too big
Your ears stick out strange
Your thought process rots
I think you’re deranged
Your voice is too low
Your height is too high
You dress like a geek
Especially your ties
Your legs are too long
How don’t you fall?
I am so surprised
You don’t trip at all
You are so two-faced
Or three-faced or four
I hardly can tell
Which one I hate more
Get our of my life
You just make me cry
You keep coming back
I never know why

Men Are Scum

One of my “signature” poems as a teen. I have this one memorized and it was often recited when one of us girls had our hearts broken.

Men are scum
They rot like trash
All girls hearts
They love to bash

Say kind things
And promise too
But never keep
They’re never true

Hold it, STOP!
I’ve found someone
Who’s loving heart
Is number one

Sorry dear
‘Tis my mistake
He just left me
Now I ache

I always think
I found the best
But time will show
He’s like the rest

His joke is plain
For me to see
He rips the dreams
Of you and me

When will I learn
To stay away
And save my heart
From such dismay

I guess I hope
And wish and pray
That one true guy
Will come my way

All Your Love

Our eyes met today
Now do you recall?
Mine said “I love you”
As you stood in the hall

It was only a moment
The you turned away
I know that you saw me
I watch every day

I think that you know
How much that I care
And I’d like to ask
But I do not care

For if you know
We’d not be friends
Then would not talk
My heart would bend

My heart is all chipped
From you who make fun
Could you get all the pieces
And mend one by one?

You joke around
And really don’t mean
But deep in it goes
As you make a scene

I love when we talk
Your friends not around
Conversation so nice
This I have found

You don’t need a laugh
From buddies so near
You honestly speak
Your words I hole dear

Then one would come
And you walk away
For them not to know
I wish you would stay

But I am content
With that I have got
All of your love
Is what I have sought


I Wish I Could Tell You

I wish I could tell you
I wish you could know
But it’s always a secret
It will never be so

Can you tell when we talk?
My eyes say it clear
I love you so much
And I want you so near

Do you understand
How much I go through
To have you right there
And nothing can do

I would go jump a cliff
Or be shot many times
Just to see you are safe
To make sure you are fine

So longer I wait
Before you realize
I love you my dear
Forget other guys

My Love

I love you _____
But you do not know
How much I care
Or how far I will go

I’ll climb up a tower
And yell it out
Or whisper in your ear
So you have no doubt

I’ll do whatever
To show you my love
To show you’re the one
Sent from above

I wish you could know
But I cannot tell
‘Cuz it must be secret
But, oh, it is hell

I will endure it
And go on and on
But remember I love you
Although it be long

I’ll Wait

It’s funny as I type this now being 40. Writing in high school being 15 and saying that I would wait 40 years and I knew that I would have gray hair. It’s been 25 years and I do believe I would classify as “old” to a teen and I do have a few gray hairs. I have 2 children that are older than when I wrote this. Funny looking back and seeing my mind set at that time.

I’ll wait forever
For you to come
To say you love me
I’m the only one

I’ll wait for a year
And you are not ready
I’ll wait some more
For us to go steady

I’ll wait for 10 years
When we are all grown
And our lives have found
What seed we have sown

I’ll wait for 40 years
And we are all old
And have gray hair too
But you have not told

I’ll wait forever
For you to come
To say you love me
I’m the only one

I’ll Never Stop Staring

I’ll never stop staring
I love you so much
I long for your embrace
And your gently touch

I wait for the day
When I look in your eyes
And my love for you
Needs not a disguise

Right now it is heaven
When our eyes meet
Or we brush by each other
And I feel your heat

But is it just casual
Or is it for real
Does it mean anything?
With this  I deal

Maybe you love me
As much as I do
And long to tell me
“I love you”

Or do you despise me
And whenever you see
Me gazing at you
The more you hate me?

Why can’t you just tell me
Is it love or hate?
Please just say
Meanwhile, I’ll wait

I Have a Crush

I had a crush when I was in high school and wrote quite a few poems to say it. Two has made some money selling these to guys online who have possibly told their girlfriends a bit of a tall tale that they could write poetry and need a poem to give their girlfriends.

Gorgeous brown eyes
And silky blond hair
Athletic he is
His kind is rare

Perfect in looks
And actions and ways
Sensible, smart
And humor he plays

Makes my day bright
Whenever he looks
Or a hello might say
Or pick up my books

My heart would melt
To think that he likes me
But no such dreams
I know that it can’t be

He is so handsome
And funny and wonderful
And I am so dull
And lonely and pitiful

I love him so much
And have for so long
To only get near him
My soul would sing songs

I must just hope
And wish and pray
That someday he’ll come
And carry me away