In Love

I got to spend time with my JM two days in a row this week. Wednesday, I went to his house. We ran some errands to pick up supplies for the burlesque show Thursday. Then he came over after the show and spent a few hours here. I made him a stew which completely did NOT turn out, but he ate it happily anyway. He met Three. That’s a huge thing for me. I’m sure that Three doesn’t understand the depth of my feelings nor the definition of our relationship, but it’s ok. I love that man and everything about him. He is my pillow to lay my head upon in the chaos of this world. We connect so deeply and completely on different levels. It feels great. It feels wonderful.


Janine isn’t looking so good. So far, she was towed home; I found a rim at a salvage yard; I bought a used tire at a little, local mechanic shop. I could not get the lugnuts off no matter how hard I tried. Most of the nuts had some cheap coating on them and needed a larger socket than the normal one I keep in my car. I bought a bigger one, but the circumference of the socket was too large to fit into the hole on the rim.
After 2 hours of trying my hardest to get them off, I called and asked JH to help. He blew me off. I asked the only other person I could think of. PA came to help, donned in his work kakis and knee pads and dug right in. It took him about an hour to get off the 8 lugnuts. He sent me to O’Reillys to buy new nuts and he had my tire and spare on in no time.
Today, I will try to schedule Janine to get checked out. I’m hoping that she just needs an alignment.

Three’s Bday

Yesterday was more than just his bday. I’ve been battling for over a year and a half to have Cede pay child support for the last year while Three was finishing high school. Three has had some health problems over the past few years, but 2 years ago, it got really bad and he started missing 4/5 days of school. I brought it up in court last March to let them know that he was not on track to graduate. I’ve had 4 more court dates telling the judge that, but Cede’s lawyer kept prolonging the hearing and kept rescheduling more court dates to get more fees out of him. In the end, the truth was known and I was awarded a full year of support (from the last time he paid).
If he had just paid it all along, we could have stayed living where we were and Three could have completed high school there.
If he had just paid it all along, we wouldn’t have been homeless.
He’s pretty angry. I don’t really care. He got off scott free when his lawyer convinced the judge not to give me maintenance. The money is for Three, anyway.
But here is a picture of us yesterday. We got our nails done together again. He got fake nails this time. He had a good day and he is happy and healthy and full of life and blooming possibilities. That’s all I care about.

Car accident.

Three was driving me home from some errands in Madison. He was going too fast coming off the ramp from I90 onto N and slid going around the corner. He lost control and started skidding. We went over 2 medians and the side air bag deployed against my arm. We’re both ok. Zero is a bit spooked. The cops gave us a ride home. Three paid for the tow. I’m hoping that a rim and 2 tires will be all that’s needed to fix it. I’ll deal with it tomorrow. My energy is gone for today.
I’m sad. I was planning to see JM tonight. Maybe I can reschedule for this coming weekend.