My Master

So much has happened in the last week!
I’ve gone riding with Art. I went camping and boating at Castle Rock Lake last weekend. TM came to visit and spent a day with me. We rode on his bike and went to eat and just talked and talked forever.
What I forgot to mention here is that I am now collared. The collar I have is temporary, but the contract between me and JM is signed and it’s official. There are not many rules, but the ones that I have, I love. I got to spend last night and morning with JM. Every time I visit, I swear he learns my body more and more and does things and takes my body farther than anyone ever has before. It is beyond my wildest dreams of ecstasy. Today, I am sore…. ever so sore. But, I love the way he feels and he treats me very well. We just need to find him a better paying job with less hours!