Brent & Abby


In the warm summer sun as he jumped in the water,
Under the clear sky of blue.
He didn’t know then, but I saw in his eyes He was there waiting for you.

With a duck on his lap and a bucket of frogs,
The time that we spent at the zoo,
The questions he asked, the choices he made,
I knew he was looking for you.

He drove many miles and saw many things.
He climbed up a mountain or two.
He prayed and he waited and worried a bit,
I knew he was hoping for you.

And then in God’s timing, with perfect design,
Better than Brent ever knew,
He met his dear Abby, and fell deep in love. And today they’re a family of two.

Merry Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house
Not a screen was illumined, no keyboards or mouse.
The stockings and lights are still packed away
No one had money to fund a display.
The children are gone in their cars as they went
My dreams were disrupted [so fast as they spent] [by D and B]
As they left me alone all snuggled in bed
They made enough noise to wake up the dead.
When up on the roof I heard such a clatter,
It’s only the squirrels, they’ve gotten much fatter.
The moon has stopped shining sixteen hours ago,
For I stayed up late with my laptop aglow.
There wasn’t a reason to wake up on time.
No presents were wrapped, I haven’t a dime.
The cats thought the day should be special indeed,
They left me some puke, “Oh that’s what I need!”
I went back to bed, and Zero came with.
And all day we sat, the whole twenty-fifth.
So all of you people on facebook I see
With your happy kids smiling and such lovely trees,
I’m here all alone with no one in sight,
I may as well go to bed for the night.